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Disability Law

Disability Law

Tough times find their way into the lives of millions of American people every day. Having a disability can mean not being able to work or carry out normal daily activities the same way you used to. It can mean relying on family for everything, which can add unnecessary stress to your home. During times like these, most would attempt to find some kind of help or assistance, but unfortunately the systems set in place for situations like these. The Social Security administration is often understaffed and over-budget meaning hard working Americans are left to suffer alone. However, it is important to remember with us, you are never alone.

Our great nation offers the chance for anyone seeking Social Security Disability to acquire representation in an effort to increase their chances of having their case properly reviewed. At The Law Offices of Martin & Birdsong, our attorneys are more than qualified to provide assistance to those suffering a disability. Those who are currently making an effort to receive benefits should remember that we at The Law Offices of Martin & Birdsong, are on your side.

Our staff has collectively contributed over two decades worth of experience and success to The Law Offices of Martin & Birdsong, all of which we utilize in our daily practice to ensure our clients are reaping the benefits. Our determination to succeed for our clients is evident by our reputation throughout Missouri.

If you have a disability and are currently making an effort to better your life through acquiring assistance, we can help you achieve that goal. You have rights and we have the means to fight for them. By choosing The Law Offices of Martin & Birdsong you are making a commitment to yourself to pursue an attorney that offers integrity, experience, and justice. Our repeated success only continues to provide us with more knowledge and experience for us to apply in other future cases. We want nothing more than to use it to better the lives of our clients.


 48 Years of Accumulated Practice

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We are a Missouri Law Firm dedicated to helping with your legal needs. We serve Columbia MO, the Lake of the Ozarks and entire Mid-Missouri Region.

We specialize in Criminal Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, Expungements and Disability Law cases. We have the experienced trial attorneys Dana Martin and Staci Birdsong McNally on staff.

Through their many years in the legal profession in Missouri, they will help guide you through the legal system.

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